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What does this order status mean?

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Status Description
New Your order has just been placed, but the charges have not yet been authorized by your bank or PayPal.
Auth Verification Your order is being processed through our order verification system. If we need any additional information from you regarding your order, we will contact you via phone or email.
Pending If your order status is "Pending", we need additional information from you to process your order. Please contact our customer service department so that we may further assist you at 1-877-809-1659.
Ready for Production Your order has been successfully authorized by the bank/PayPal and is now waiting in queue to be printed.
Production Your order is currently being printed at our production facility.
Ready to ship Your order has been printed and is currently waiting to be picked up by the shipping company. Once it has been picked up, you will receive an email containing a shipment confirmation and tracking information (if available).
Shipped Your order has shipped and is on its way to you. The tracking information has been emailed to you if available. You can also login to your account and view your order history to obtain tracking information. https://members.cafepress.com/account/orderhistory.aspx
Auth Declined Your order was not authorized by the bank. This is usually the result of a typo in the credit card number or expiration date. Please call customer service at 1-877-809-1659 to correct this.
Cancelled Your order has been cancelled. The authorization on your credit card or PayPal account will drop off in approximately 3-5 business days.

Please note: if UPS tracking indicates “Billing Information Received,” that means your order has been packaged and labeled for shipping, but UPS has either not yet picked up the shipment from our facility, or has not updated their tracking information. Tracking information will update shortly.
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